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What We Do

We foster respect and access for individuals with IDD (intellectual and developmental disabilities) and their families, giving them tools to achieve their full and satisfying life.


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Individual Advocacy Services

The Arc of Weld County offers free individual advocacy for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Weld, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma Counties. Non-attorney advocates can assist with educational, residential, and vocational needs upon request. However, they cannot provide assistance with legal matters or make decisions.


For referrals or inquiries about advocacy services, contact Leticia Arguello, Advocacy Manager, at or (970) 353-5219 x 1.


To explore more about advocacy and The Arc chapters, please click here

For individual advocacy inquiries, kindly click here to fill out the form.

What is Individual Advocacy?

Individual advocacy focuses on the need(s) of an individual with an intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD) with the goal of changing the situation for that person to protect their rights and/or improve services received by that individual, ensuring their right to freedom of choice, independence, and inclusion.  Each interaction with an advocate with The AWC is not only focused on ensuring that the individual's rights are protected, but also empower the individual and family gain the skills to be more independent and successful when advocating for themselves or their family member with IDD in the future.

Who we are and what we offer:

  • Expertise regarding intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD)

  • Lay advocates

  • Skilled in conflict management, mediation and negotiation

  • Model for effective problem solving and appropriate interactions/behaviors  

  • Educators of building advocacy skills

  • Fostering of positive relationships and communication with individuals and agencies

  • Assisting clientele with informed decisions making

  • Coordination assistance of information and resources

  • Systems navigation for individuals with IDD, examples include waiver systems and the case management transition/redesign

  • Educate and support inclusive practices

  • Services are without charge

  • Uphold confidentiality of the people we serve

  • Collaborators with other community partners

  • Consult & make recommendations on IEPs & 504 plans

Who and what we are not:

  • Case managers

  • Legal guardian within any definition

  • Primary decision-makers

  • Police/criminal investigators

  • Educational or special education professionals

  • Therapists or Mental Health Counselors

  • Attorney/Legal Counsel, including unable to assist in applications for services as well as legal proceedings

  • Social service staff

  • Medical or nursing staff

  • Unable to provide any legal financial support or action.

Case Management Redesign and Final Settings Rule Resources:

Click here for our Advocacy Agreement

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