We at the Arc believe that voting is more than just a “civic duty,” but that it is one of the most important things a person can do to help influence their community for the good. Unfortunately, learning the ins and outs of voting is not something that is generally taught in schools, and many lack the knowledge up front on how to vote. This in turn can scare them off of voting and potentially prevent an individual from voting in the future.

The need for individuals with disabilities to use their voice and cast their vote is of the utmost importance, and we would encourage all people who are not registered to vote to do so. This comprehensive “how-to” guidebook provides an objective standpoint for students and first-time voters. Seeking to ease the stress of making this important decision, this guidebook will help you find voters rights and rules, voting facts versus myth, what to find on the ballot - and much more. Check out the guide in full detail here: http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/students-and-first-time-voters/ 

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